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Welcome to Vitality Journeys and Jenni Alma Rose Coaching, where holistic wellness meets transformative coaching.  With over 25 years of expertise in fitness, nutrition, holistic wellness, and life coaching, I've had the  privilege to help thousands of women and men begin, succeed, and transform their health and wellness and embrace a mind-body-spirit approach to well-being. 


My profound knowledge in fitness and nutrition equips my clients with the tools to make conscious choices and elevate their overall health. I combine my expertise in sound healing, breathwork, yoga, mindset training, meditation, and adventure retreats to guide individuals on a journey of alignment with both the universe and their true selves, unlocking their full potential.  

My unique energy, compassionate guidance, and joyful spirit create a supportive environment for clients to unlock their inner strength and potential. 


My mission is to inspire authentic, harmonious living, and help others courageously dive deep internally, connect to and act upon their inner wisdom, unveil their heart desires, and walk their unique journey.  One filled with vitality.


From the moment you commit to one of my holistic programs, you will feel motivated and inspired to do your best, gaining confidence in your ability to follow through with the simple principles that I teach. Coaching services draw on my expertise in fitness, nutrition, wellness, sound healing, breathwork, yoga, meditation, and life coaching.  Feel empowered to transform your health, align with your true self, live with purpose and vitality, ultimately breaking through self-limiting barriers to become the person you know you are meant to be!

Location: Bend, OR 97702

Tel: 808-393-6380​


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