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Welcome to Vitality Journeys and Jenni Rose Coaching. Our programs inspire a holistic approach to wellness, including specialized movement, premium nutrition, energy and sound healing, mindset training, and adventurous retreats.


During my 25 years as a fitness and wellness professional, I have helped 1000s of women and men begin, succeed, and transform their health and wellness through my coaching programs.


My unique energy, thought provoking tools, relatable compassion, fun loving spirit, and empathetic guidance is what helps people feel supported to unlock their potential and gain strength from the inside out.

My belief is that movement breeds confidence, empowerment, and reveals your unique purpose. It is my mission and passion to help others unlock their potential by courageously diving deep internally, connecting to and acting upon their inner wisdom, unveiling their heart desires and walking their unique journey.  One filled with vitality.


From the moment you commit to one of my programs, you will feel motivated and inspired to do your best.  You’ll feel confident in your ability to follow through with the simple principles that I teach. Feel empowered to make changes that will lead to positive lifestyle habits.  Catapult your transformation, learn to break thru self-limiting barriers, and become the person you know you are!

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Location: Bend, OR 97702

Tel: 808-393-6380​




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