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Your 2022 Essential Life Creation

Designing the Blueprint of Your Evolutionary Path

The Essential Life Creation One Day Retreat

Join us this January 23rd from 12p-6p for this retreat where you will utilize your human design to align with your soul’s evolutionary path.   During this one day retreat, we will unlock your unique human design, intimately understand it, and use it to create your roadmap.  With Human Design as a foundation, you will be guided, through meditations and sound healing to create goals that bring balance, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment to your life. Transform your story into your superpower and prepare to step into your best self in 2022.  

Yoga by the Sea

What's Included

in the Essential Life Creation One Day Retreat

Guided Breath work and Meditations to ground, center and align you to your higher self, and purpose. ​

Nourishing Vegetarian Meals at the workshops to help you raise your vibration AND a recipe booklet with additional recipes including  Turmeric Tonic, Pomegranate Yogurt and Honey, Southwest Quinoa Salad, and more.  


Human Design Discovery including creation of your unique chart. You will learn about your type, strategy, authority, profile, and how this information is vital in designing a life of purpose, balance, and fulfillment. 


Deep Dive into Your Wheel of Wellness.  Create an action plan to restore balance, clearly define your priority and values, dream big goals and create a roadmap to get there. 

Plant Medicine Essential Oil blend created specifically for you that you can take home and apply daily.  


Sound Bath and Tuning Fork session to restore cells, energetically align your chakras, and raise your vibration.  See your manifestations appear rapidly from this high vibration place. 

Monthly Group Accountability Calls during the first quarter of the year to help you stay on course.  


The Retreat 

January 23rd 12p-6p

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

12:00p - Welcome: Breath Work and Oil Application

12:15p - Workshop: Understand Your Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority to Live in Alignment

1:00p - Break

1:10p - Workshop: Understand Your Human Design Profile to Create Your Life Blueprint 

1:45p - Sound Bowls and Tuning Fork Bath and Meditation - Connect with Your Authentic Truth, Your Purpose and Vision Your Highest Life

2:30p - Break / Snack 

2:45p - Workshop: Deep Discovery of the Multidimensional You.  Create an Action Plan to Restore Balance

3:30p - Dance Movement

3:45p - Workshop: Clarify Your Values and Create Your Key Priority  

4:15p - Break / Meal 

4:30p - Workshop: Goal Casting - Creating Your Life Beyond Limitations

5:00p - Yoga Movement

5:15p - Workshop: Reverse Engineer - Creating Your Blueprint

5:45 - Share / Closing

Working from Home


Making changes to your lifestyle and habits can be challenging. Having multiple levels of accountability will help ensure your success.

We're Here to Help You See Success! 

We ALL want your success.  We know that group accountability can help keep us on track.  Connect with us over the first quarter via a monthly coaching call.  We will review your roadmap and re-strategize if necessary to help you stay on course.

Sign me up! YES!  I'm ready to Create my Life by Design, Raise my Vibration, Manifest my Desires, Heal my Body and Step Into my Highest Version This New Year.

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Yoga at Home
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Presented by Wendy Wilson & Jenni Trumpa

Jenni Trumpa

has created a life of service to others in health and wellness, as a Mindset Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and Sound Healer. 


It is her mission and passion to help others unlock their potential by courageously diving deep internally, connecting to and acting upon their inner wisdom, unveiling their heart desires and walking their unique path.

During her 25 years as a fitness professional, she has helped 1000s of women and men begin, succeed, and transform their health, wellness, and mindset with her coaching.

Wendy Wilson

is a Massage Therapist, Essential Oil and plant medicine Educator, Aromatouch Technique Trainer, Reiki Practitioner,  Sound Healer, and Human Design Coach.

She delivers safe, effective, and natural healthcare techniques and is passionate about educating people through classes and workshops on how to take care of 90% of their healthcare needs from home.

With Human Design, she helps others understand themselves and one other better. She loves taking clients through a “Deep Dive” to discover their life blueprint, natural born gifts and increase love and acceptance for themselves and others.

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