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Discover, Define and Design your reality in this One Day Retreat

Join us Sunday, January 22nd from 11a-4p for this life changing retreat where you will intentionally design with clarity your 2023 reality. 

 During this one day retreat, we will unlock your desires and guide you with clarity to create your roadmap.


In addition to thought provoking questions and inner reflections, we will guide you through meditations and sound healing to create goals that bring balance, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment to your life.


Transform your story into your superpower and prepare to manifest your dreams, goals, and desires this New Year.

Yoga by the Sea

What's Included

in the Manifest Your Life One Day Retreat

Guided Breath work and Meditations to ground, center and align you to your higher self, and purpose. ​

Nourishing Plant Based Cooking and Meals at the workshops to help you raise your vibration.  

Vision Board Creation. We give you the space you need to intentionally define your dreams and create a VISION BOARD that will effortlessly attract your ideal life to you!

Create an action plan to restore balance, clearly define your priority and values, dream big goals and create a roadmap to get there. 

Sound Bath and Tuning Fork session to restore cells, energetically align your chakras, and raise your vibration.  See your manifestations appear rapidly from this high vibration place.


The Retreat 

January 22th 11a-4p

11:00p - Welcome: Intros and Set Your Intention

11:15p - Sound Bowls and Tuning Fork Bath and Meditation - Connect with the Energetic Flow in Your Life

11:45p - Journal Reflections: Be: Do: Have:

12:15p -Collaboration: Plant Based Nutrition and Meal Preparation

12:45p - Meditation and Oil Application: Clarity and Connection to Your 2023

1:00p - Workshop: Seeking Your Vision

1:30p - Nourishing Meal

2:00p - Workshop: Mapping Your Vision

3:00p - Workshop: Putting it All Together - Manifest Your Vision in 90 Days

3:45p - Share

4:00p - Closing

Sign me up! YES!  I'm ready to Create my Life by Design, Raise my Vibration, Manifest my Desires, Heal my Body and Step Into my Highest Version This New Year. 

Sunday January 22, 2023 11am-4pm
2100 NE 8th St BEND

Raise your vibration with a plant based cooking class and meal, followed by a guided meditation and sound bath designed to open your creative channels, prepare you to create visions and define goals that bring balance, joy, purpose and fulfillment for your 2023 year.

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Presented by Teresa Marino & Jenni Rose

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