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Revitalize Your Home, Revitalize Your Soul

 Your Vibrant Home

Welcome to Your Vibrant Home One Day Retreat

Join us March 13th from 12p-6p as we guide you through a deeply illuminating day to bring you and your home into energetic alignment.  


Your home is one of your most sacred of spaces. And, when leveraged well, it becomes a physical manifestation of how we want to live that we are creating in the world. With the right knowledge, it becomes a powerful tool to bring balance and vitality into your life. 


During this one day retreat, we’ll start with a sound bowl energy healing session, and then have an immersive day learning about energy cleansing and learn infusing practices, such as reiki symbols and affirmations, curating your bedroom with heart, creating altars, house plants 101, sparking joy, and much more.   

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What's Included

in the Vibrant Home One Day Retreat

Guided Breath work and Meditations to ground, center and align you to your higher self, and purpose. ​


Nourishing Vegetarian Meals at the workshops to help you raise your vibration 

Step by Step Workbook with practices to infuse uplifting energy and physically remove blocks and make space to breathe in fresh life.  You will learn how to clear clutter, instill order, spark joy, cultivate and nurture your bedroom, and how to create sacred altar spaces.


Energetically, give life to your home with practices such as positive affirmations, energy infusion practices, naming your home, gratitude, reiki symbols, smudging, and calling in the elements.

You will leave with your own uniquely crafted dream catcher, which will be imbued with high frequency love vibrations.   

Sound Bath and Tuning Fork session to restore cells, energetically align your chakras, and raise your vibration.  See blocks release and invite in flow from this high vibration place. 

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The Retreat 

Sunday, March 13th 12p-6p

12:00p - Welcome: Breath Work and Energy Clearing

12:15p - Workshop

1:00p - Break

1:15p - Workshop

2:00p - Break

2:!5p - Sound Bowls and Tuning Fork Bath and Meditation - Connect with Energetic Flow in Your Life

2:45p - Nourishing Meal

3:15p - Dream Catcher Project - Create a beautifully crafted expression with energetic elements to harness the flow of good energy in your home

4:00p - Workshop

4:45p - Break 

5:00p - Workshop

5:45p - Share / Closing

Sign me up! YES!  I'm ready to Infuse Vibrant Life into my Home, Raise its Vibration, and Manifest Abundant Flow  in my Environment.

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Yoga at Home
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Presented by Shonna Edwards & Jenni Trumpa

Jenni Trumpa

has created a life of service to others in health and wellness, as a Mindset Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and Sound Healer. 


It is her mission and passion to help others unlock their potential by courageously diving deep internally, connecting to and acting upon their inner wisdom, unveiling their heart desires and walking their unique path.

During her 25 years as a fitness professional, she has helped 1000s of women and men begin, succeed, and transform their health, wellness, and mindset with her coaching.

Shonna Edwards

Shonna is a lifelong fun-seeker,  always ready with a huge hug, and is highly sensitive and empathetic to the core.

As a Manifesting Generator in Human Design, a 2 in Enneagram (the helper), and with her sun and moon in Cancer with a Leo rising, she has developed a strong relationship with her intuition and creative ability.  


Her love affair with oracle cards, full moons, solo travel, crystals, cooking, solo hikes in the woods, gardening, and wild crafting, have given her insight into her own inner world, awareness, and expanded consciousness.  

She looks now to share her creative passions, big heart, vivacious energy, and inner wisdom to help bring an expanded awareness to those who she serves. 

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