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Transformative Breathwork

The art of conscious breathwork is a highly effective technique that involves focusing on the natural rhythm of your breath and utilizing it as a powerful tool to soothe your mind, unwind tension patterns in the physical, mental, and emotional body, and elevate your overall well-being. By paying close attention to the rhythm and depth of your breath, you can release tension, reduce stress, and achieve a greater sense of clarity and inner peace. 

While conscious breathing practices have roots in indigenous cultures and traditions, the term breathwork now encompasses a wide variety of practices to affect the body and consciousness, from yoga pranayama and intricate meditative techniques to breathing exercises for enhanced oxygen delivery, and practices that catalyze expanded states of consciousness.

As a breathwork facilitator and teacher of yoga and meditation, I draw on a wide variety of practices to support holistic wellbeing for my clients. Yet, to access to the deeper dimensions of the body, mind, and spirit, the primary breathwork modality I offer is conscious connected breathwork to support therapeutic healing, insight, and self-discovery.


The Session

In a breathwork session, you will be guided in a 3-part breathing technique – a 2-part inhale into the abdomen and chest, followed by a relaxed exhale.

As you work with this baseline breathing patten, you will also be invited to explore the relationship between your breath and your embodied experience.  You may have the opportunity to explore breath holds and retentions, to pause and rest in awareness, and to welcome any body movements or sounds that may want to be expressed.  


Exploration, discovery, and transformation of self awaits you.

My role as the facilitator is to guide and support your journey.  Verbal invitations for additional awareness, optional touch, energetic attunements, and sound healing instruments are all within my toolbox.  A thoughtfully curated soundtrack will support you in getting out of your head, and into the deeper dimensions of your body, psyche, and spirit.


As you remain fully present and mindful in this breathwork experience you allow yourself to completely embrace the transformative benefits of this remarkable practice.

Please bring a Yoga mat/ Pillow/ Blanket to maximize your comfort during the session.

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Request a Session

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