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Ancient healing traditions with master plants
Wednesday, March 6th- Thursday, March 14th 2024

Embark on a Holistic Journey of Healing

Are you ready for a profound and life-changing experience that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit?    


Enjoy 9 days and 8 nights in the Andean Mountains at in the mystical Sacred Valley of Peru, hosted in a serene and tranquil Villa in Urubamba. You'll be nested in the heart of the Sacred Valley, surrounded by stunning Andean mountains and lush greenery.  This is the ideal environment for this spiritual and healing practice. Come heal, connect with like-minded individuals, and replenish your soul on this spiritual journey.  


Immerse yourself in the ancient healing traditions of Peru with authentic Kambo, Huachuma, and three Ayahuasca, ceremonies guided by experienced shamans from the Shipibo-Konibo lineage, and a Mexican Medicine Woman.

Participate in a traditional Andean land offering, a sacred ritual that connects you to the ancestral spirits of the land and fosters a deep connection with the Earth. Guided by Q’ero elders, direct descendants of the Incas.

Gather in ceremony to connect to and honor Pachamama (mother earth) and receive wisdom from master plants and traditional teachers.  This journey will help you heal internally, and connect deeply to your inner self.  You'll be guided to unlock your purpose and fulfill your highest potential.  


What's Included

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Land Ceremony


Q'uero are direct descendants of the Inca civilization. This traditional ritual involves making offerings to the Earth (Pachamama) and the mountain spirits (Apus) as a way of expressing gratitude, seeking blessings, and harmonizing with the natural world. Connect with this indigenous wisdom, while also receiving a personal blessing from the Queros


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Ayahuasca Ceremony


We will be guided through 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies.  2 evening ceremonies and one daytime ceremony. All guided by Shipibo-Konibo lineage, who live in the jungle and are skilled in working with Ayahuasca, guiding ceremonies, and facilitating healing through intricate icaro song.  There is much to benefit from their wisdom and experience in working with this powerful plant

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Kambo & Huachuma


Kambo involves the secretion from the skin of a green tree frog native to the Amazon rainforest. Health and therapeutic benefits such as: Detoxification, Physical, Emotional, and Mental Healing, as well as a significant Purification, Cleansing and Immune System Boost.  Our Huachuma (San Pedro) sacred cactus ceremony brings insight and clarity, creativity and inspiration, and a connection to nature.  

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Modern Practices


Enjoy reviving activities and healing modalities that may include a transformational breathwork journey, somatic embodied movement practices, yoga, meditation, singing, chakra- balancing, hikes in nature, cold therapy treatments, and a cell-detoxing sound bath.


Cultural Excursion


Explore Pisac, and its Artisan Markets, where handcrafted goods, textiles, jewelry, and traditional Peruvian souvenirs are sold. The ancient Incan ruins overlook the modern town of Pisac.  We'll explore the structures and how they are aligned with astronomical events.  

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We'll adhere to a traditional Ayahuasca dieta, which will prepare the body and mind to receive the wisdom from these master plants. Herbal tea, fresh fruit, oatmeal, lightly steamed vegetables  with quinoa, and Peruvian root vegetable soups will nourish and connect us as we offer our respect to these master teachers.


Day 1


  • Arrive to Cusco Airport

  • Shuttles to Hotel in Cusco

  • Saqsayhuaman Cultural Site Visit

  • Dinner in Cusco

Day 2


  • Yoga: Enjoy a Morning Yoga and Meditation Session 

  • Lunch: Enjoy a Flavorful Peruvian Lunch 

  • Excursion ie: Hike in the Landscape, or a Visit a Cacao Farm 

  • Land Offering Ceremony and Individual Blessing: with Q'ero Elders: the Last Living Direct Descendants of the Incas.  

  • Dinner: Enjoy a Nourishing and Delicious Dinner while Nestled in the Andean Mountains  

  • Sound Bath: Unwind with Restorative Yin Yoga and Sound Bath Session

Day 3

  • Yoga: Enjoy a Morning Yoga and Meditation Session

  • Kambo Ceremony: Detox the body of impurities, address physical ailments, and boost your immune system through a traditional Kambo Ceremony with our local Peruvian facilitator.

  • Lunch: Nourish the body with a fresh Peruvian meal.

  • Sacred Waterfall Hike: to Cataratas de Arin, a cascading waterfall with natural swim holes. 

  • Dinner: Enjoy a Nourishing and Delicious Dinner prepared by Villa chefs.

Day 4

  • Breakfast: Prepared to nourish our body and align us with nature. 

  • Cultural Excursion: to Pisac Town Artisan Markets where goods, textiles, and jewelry are sold. Visit Pisac ruins considered one of the most impressive in the Sacred Valley.

  • Lunch: Provided by the Villa chefs.

  • Relax by the Pool, and Enjoy Down Time at the Retreat Center 

  • Ayahuasca Ceremony: with Shipibo-Konibo lineage.  Profound insights, healing and spiritual growth come through this transformative and introspective experience. 

Day 5


  • Evening Ayahuasca Ceremony with the Shipibo-Konibo lineage. These indigenous people reside primarily in the Amazon rainforest region. They are highly regarded for their expertise in using Ayahuasca as a healing and spiritual tool.  Shipibo shamans are known for their intricate Icaro songs, which they sing during ceremonies to guide and heal participants.  These songs are believed to connect with the healing energies of Ayahuasca and facilitate the healing process. 

  • Meals provided by Villa Chefs.

Day 6

  • Day Ayahuasca Ceremony: Night ceremonies can create a mystical journey and enhance visionary aspects, inner introspection, and exploration.  The day ceremony provides a different energy and connection to nature and the surrounding environment.  Day ceremonies can heighten mindfulness, and awareness of the natural world, and allow participants to connect with sights and sounds of our natural settings. This is a great compliment to integrate the evening experiences into our world. 

  • Dinner provided by Villa Chefs

  • Integration, Rest, and Reflect: Journal, Reflect, Relax in Hammocks, Hike to nearby water holes, and bask in nature. 

  • Optional Morning Yoga

  • Optional Cultural Excursion

  • Optional Spa Day

  • Meals provided by the Villa Chefs 

Day 7

Day 8

  • Traditional Huachuma (San Pedro) Ceremony.  This traditional Andean ritual is a more masculine energy for healing, spiritual exploration, and personal growth.  This ceremony will be in a sacred natural setting in the Andean mountains.  The connection to nature, water, mountains, and trees is an integral part of this experience.  We will be guided throughout the ceremony, with meditations, music, and singing.  We may have the opportunity to discuss experiences, insights, and how to apply them to our lives. 

  • Meals provided by the Villa Chefs.

  • Morning Yoga and Meditations 

  • Shuttle to Cusco Airport

  • Departure

  • Optional Day excursion (not included) exploration of San Sebastian Markets

Day 9



Option to add on 2-day Excursion to Machu Picchu

  • 12:00p Arrival at Cusco Airport

  • Shuttle, Bus, and Train to Aguas Calientes (all arranged)

  • Hotel Stay in Aguas Calientes​​




Option to add on 2-day Excursion to Machu Picchu

  • Bus to Machu Picchu and return

  • Hot Springs in Aquas Calientes

  • Hotel Stay in Aguas Calientes




Option to add on 2-day Excursion to Machu Picchu

  • Shuttle to Cusco




What's Included

What’s included

  • Airport Transportation from Cusco Airport on Arrival Day at 12:00pm and to airport on Departure Day at 12:00pm

  • Transportation from Cusco to Machu Picchu and to the retreat center, if purchasing the additional Machu Picchu add-on.

  • 1 Night Accommodation in Cusco.

  • 8 Nights of Accommodation in Urubamba. All rooms have a private bathroom. 

  • Welcome Gift

  • All meals are included and prepared by Villa in accordance with the recommended dieta.

  • Land Ceremony with Q'uero Elders.

  • Kambo Ceremony with Mexican Medicine Woman. 

  • Pisac Town excursion.

  • Ayahuasca Ceremony with Shipibo Shamans.

  • Huachuma Ceremony 

  • Mindful Movement, Breathwork, Sound Healing and Meditation Sessions.

  • Outdoor Pools, Nature Hikes, Cultural Excursions

  • Transportation to Cultural Excursions. 

  • An unforgetable, unique experience and lifelong relationships!

What’s NOT included

  • Flights or Transportation to Cusco, Peru 

  • Additional amenities are available such as Massage, Salt-Therapy, Sauna, and additional Spa treatments. 

  • Additional beverages, specialty coffees, or additional food or snacks outside of the included meals. 

  • Gratuities for the resort staff and housekeeping.

  • Rental Car if you choose.

  • Souvenirs.


Sacred Valley Retreat Peru

9 Days / 8 nights in Peru

$2995 USD per person (Single Room)


$2495 USD per person (2 ppl/room) 

$2395 USD per person (3 ppl/room)

$475 USD per person Machu Picchu 2-Day excursion 

*Note: If you prefer to purchase with Wise, Zelle or Venmo to help us avoid payment processing fees, and direct those fees instead to our scholarship fund, please contact Jenni Alma Rose directly.

If you would like to join this retreat, please contact  We will be happy to have an exploratory conversation with you. 


*Notes: ​ We will help pair you in a double or triple room if you are attending the retreat solo. 

Thank You, We will be in touch with you soon.​

 Scholarship Fund

While we strive to offer these retreats at a nominal price, we understand that they may not fit into the budget of some. If you would like to attend the retreat and find that finances may be a limiting factor, please reach out to and request information on our scholarship program. If you would like to contribute to our Scholarship Fund to assist like-minded individuals, who may not have available funds, and also look to enhance their quality of life and the community at large by attending this valuable retreat, please consider making a contribution. Email to give. 

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