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Welcome to Vitality Journeys and Jenni Alma Rose Coaching, your ultimate destination for holistic wellness and transformative coaching. With a dedicated commitment spanning over 25 years in fitness, nutrition, and life coaching, I've centered my life's work on serving men and women who, amidst the demands of family, career, and life, have neglected their self-care. Specializing in Functional Fitness, I provide personalized workouts and nutrition plans for efficiency. As a mom of three and an entrepreneur, I intimately understand the challenges you face. It's time to prioritize yourself—let's design and live your best life together. I simplify the process, infuse accountability with a touch of fun, ensuring you feel healthier, energized, and brimming with vitality. We'll combine my unique blend of fitness knowledge, nutrition, sound healing, breathwork, yoga, mindset training, courses and adventure retreats to unlock the best version of you. With a rich background in global education, travel and international living, I've gained diverse perspectives, fostering connections with people from various backgrounds. Originally from Texas, I spent 12 years in Hawaii before settling in Bend, Oregon, with my three children, where I continue to share my passion for deep conversations, laughter, dance, music, nature, and exploration. Let's embark on this holistic journey toward authentic living and unlocking your inner strength.



With over 25 years as a holistic wellness coach, I've co-owned Fit Body Boot Camp and served as a Level 4 Beachbody Master Trainer. As a holistic healer, I integrate fitness, nutrition, and somatic practices for conscious well-being. In my role as CEO of Vitality Lifestyle LLC, I empower individuals with a holistic well-being approach. My commitment to holistic wellness extends to podcasting, with the successful launch of "The Vitality Vortex," where transformative discussions unfold. An enthusiastic public speaker and educator, I draw from diverse experiences; from my time leading certification programs and contributing to the Beachbody Video Talent Team, to currently providing education through courses, coaching, and retreats. I maintain an unwavering commitment to guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards vitality and holistic wellness.


National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Trainer

Precision Nutrition Coach Certification

Fit Body Boot Camp Personal Training Coach Certification

Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer: PiYo, Turbokick, CIZE, P90X, Insanity,

Core de Force, & Country Heat Instructor 

Qignition Master Trainer: QiDance, QiForce Instructor 

Balanced Body Mat Pilates Level I, II, and III.

Balanced Body Reformer Pilates, Level I, II and III.

TANK Pilates Reformer and Mat, Level I-IV

Zumba Basics I and II Instructor, Zumbatomics Instructor

Les Mills Combat, Les Mills BodyPump Instructor


200hr Yoga Instructor Certification

Reiki Energy Healing Certification

Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator

Sound Healing Facilitator

Life Coaching Certification

Ho'oponopono Certification

Personal Development Advocate for more than 10 years

Soul Trips - 4 Day Yoga Retreat - December 2021 - Chemuyil, Mexico

PIP Catcher’s - 4 Day Mindset in Trading Retreat - April 2022 - Chemuyil, Mexico

Vitality Journeys - 3 Day Nature Retreat - June 2022 - Boise, Idaho

PIP Catcher’s - 10 Day Mindset in Trading Retreat - October 2022 - Chemuyil, Mexico

PIP Catcher’s - 6 Day Mindset in Trading Retreat - January 2023 - Bend, Oregon

PIP Catcher’s - 4 Day Mindset in Trading Retreat - May 2023 - Sedona, Arizona

PIP Catcher’s - 5 Day Mindset in Trading Retreat - September 2023 - Kananaskis, Canada

Vitality Journeys - 5 Day Breath | Balance | Beach - February 2024 - Puerto Morelos, Mexico 

Vitality Journeys - 9 Day Transformation Retreat - March 2024 - Urubamba, Peru





Getting started with personal training is a rather easy process. I definitely spend a little extra time in the getting to know you phase because it helps me understand your current situation, your future goals, your limiting factors, and your core desires that will help me keep you inspired if your motivation should dwindle.




We start with a free discovery call. I offer this for free because it is a time for each of us to get to know each other better. On this call we will be discussing your goals and the areas of life you would like to improve. We will talk about your past attempts of working on health and wellness and what has worked well for you and what didn't work at all. We will go over your current health, sleep habits, nutrition and digestion. This call will help me begin to formulate a plan to help you reach your goals but we will need to go through the next step to complete the plan! If we are working on nutrition as well, you will be asked to keep a food journal for a few days.

It is time for your assessment! The fitness assessment will take about 30 minutes to understand where your body is at physically with posture, strength, endurance, balance, and mobility. You'll also turn in your food journal (if applicable). This will help me see what the simplest changes we could make to your diet to improve how you feel. Then we will end with an in-depth goal planning session.

After the first two steps I will be able to put together a holistic and comprehensive plan on how to help you reach your goals. With the online world there are a wide variety of ways to go about this. We can do live zoom calls, an online program, in person program, or a hybrid program.




Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 9.16.27 PM.png



Not everyone needs or wants a trainer to be with them through every workout, instead, they just need expert guidance to put a plan together. This package is for 90 days of online coaching and an online fitness studio. It includes a monthly assessment where we will evaluate your physical condition and determine your goals.  I'll create a personalized 90-day plan to guide you toward your goals. Your workouts, tailored to your objectives, will be drawn from our library. You'll receive wellness resources, including a nutrition and meal planning guide. This package is all online and you have access to me via our weekly email check-in where we will review your food journal, address any form and technique questions, and focus on a new healthy habit.  


  • 90-Day Fitness Program: Get a customized workout regimen every month crafted following our initial fitness assessment and aligned with your objectives. Our focus may include enhancing cardiovascular endurance, strength training, managing weight, improving flexibility, balance, power, and more.Weekly coaching emails to help you stay on track and keep learning.

  • Monthly Fitness Assessment: We  evaluate your physical condition using measurements and tests for cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, body composition, and more. The ongoing results will guide our personalized exercise programs, help us set goals, and track progress for tailored fitness plans.


  • 90-Day On-Demand Access:  Limitless entry to my collection of pre-recorded workout sessions, ranging from 30 to 45 minutes. Diverse fitness programs, include yoga, barre, functional fitness, strength training, and more.

  • Nutrition and Meal Planning Guide: This comprehensive guide covers essential aspects like nutritional requirements, menu preparation, grocery shopping tips, portion control, recipes and more.

  • Weekly Communication:  In our weekly emails, you can share your food journal, ask questions about form or technique through videos, and receive personalized feedback. Additionally, I'll introduce a new healthy habit for you to concentrate on each week.



As much as we would like to be highly disciplined and follow an online plan, some of us need a little more accountability!! This package includes everything in the Online Package but it also includes an hour session with me each week. Because my clients come to me for a wide variety of reasons, that hour can be based on what you truly need. You can also choose to split that hour into two half hour sessions each week. You may want to do a workout together but you may need a little life coaching one week, an energy healing or meditation session the next, and a nutrition session the next. This is your time to use how you want. I will guide you on what I feel the sessions could best be used for based on your goals but ultimately we can always change it up from week to week.



Initial assessment and final assessment, 90 day workout plan in our online
studio, access to the online portal of resources, guide to meal planning,
weekly food journal review and coaching emails.

12 hours of live online (or in person if applicable) sessions to be used how you
wish. Services include personal training, yoga and pilates instruction, guided
meditation and reiki, nutrition coaching, life coaching, or help with
supplements and natural remedies.


If you are looking to work together in person and are not interested in using the online portal, these are my packages for working together once a week, twice a week, and three times a week for 12 weeks.







Once a week is great if you
are highly disciplined and
just need help with
It is also all you need if you
are looking for any type of
coaching. Life coaching,
nutrition coaching, or
health coaching require a
once weekly check in.
You can also split this into
two 30-minute sessions
each week.

Most people can benefit
from at least two sessions
a week.
Life gets busy and
overwhelming and it can
honestly be pretty
challenging to stay on
track all week by yourself.

You could also split this
into four 30-minute
sessions or one hour and
two 30-minute sessions.

If you are ready to really
get serious about your
health and wellness, you
may want to work with my
3 times a week and this is
the package for you.
You could also split this
into six 30-minute sessions
and see me almost every
day! I'm flexible in how you
would like to split your
hours up.


I price my packages for the full 90 days both because I am making a 90-day plan to help you reach your goals AND it is a way to help you commit to your goals long after you may lose the initial motivation. Payment options are divided to either monthly or weekly and are on a subscription plan


Do you have a question? or would you like to explore an opportunity to work together?  Let's connect!

+1 808-393-6380

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