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Discover, Define, and Design your reality in this One Day IMMERSIVE event

Join our Manifestation Radiance Retreat: Nourish, Create, Transform in 2024, a transformative journey designed to ignite your soul and shape the year ahead.


Immerse yourself in a sacred Cacao Manifestation Ceremony, a rejuvenating Sound Bath Session, and a Vision Board Workshop where we will set powerful intentions, unlock your desires, and guide you with clarity to create your 2024 roadmap. 


In addition to thought-provoking questions and inner reflections, we will guide you through meditations and sound healing to create goals that bring balance, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment to your life.  Dive into a cold plunge followed by an infrared sauna session or outdoor firepit to receive Elemental Rejuvenation.


The day concludes with a fire ceremony integration session, where we'll share insights and gratitude for the collective journey, leaving you empowered to manifest your visions in the embrace of your future reality.


Transform your story into your superpower and prepare to manifest your dreams, goals, and desires this New Year.

The One Day Retreat 

Saturday, January 13th 10:30 - 5:00p

OR Sunday, January 14th 10:30a - 5:00p

Sample Day Below: 

10:30a - Welcome: Intros, Cacao and Set Your Intention:

Arrive with a warm welcome, and a cleansing smudge.  We'll begin with an immersive Cacao Manifestation Ceremony, where we'll share a cup of ceremonial cacao and set powerful intentions for the day. 

11:15a - Sound Bowls and Tuning Fork Bath and Meditation:

Embark on a transformative sound bath journey guided by healer Jenni Alma Rose. The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, percussions, and other instruments will create a harmonious resonance, allowing for a deep sense of relaxation and alignment. The sound bath becomes a canvas for the manifestation of your aspirations, creating a profound connection between the vibrations in the air, the intentions in your heart, and subconsciously paving the way for your 2024 roadmap.

12:00p Vision Board Workshop #1 - Journaling & Clarity:

Following the sound bath meditation, it is now time to journal our revelations and any clarity we received. Engage in a mindful exploration of your aspirations for 2024, during our guided journaling session. This interactive session not only facilitates personal revelation but also prepares the canvas for the visualization of your dreams on the vision board.

1:00p - Nourishing Plant-Based Meal & Recipe Creation:

Delight in a delectable plant-based lunch, thoughtfully curated for both flavor and well-being. As you savor each bite, our skilled nutrition consultant, Teresa Marino will guide you through the vibrant benefits of plant based eating. This culinary exposure not only enriches your lunch but equips you with the recipes to embrace plant-based goodness in your home, beyond the retreat.  


2:00p - Elemental Rejuvenation Through Cold/Hot Therapy:

Immerse yourself in a unique cold/hot therapy, where a refreshing dip in cold water awakens your senses, stimulates circulation, and reduces inflammation. Follow this experience with the warmth of an outdoor fire, creating a harmonious contrast that promotes rejuvenation. The elemental dance not only benefits your physical well-being by enhancing circulation but also symbolizes the transformative journey of self-discovery,  manifestation, and ready to embrace the next chapter of your personal growth.

2:45p - Vision Board Workshop #2 - Designing Your Vision Board:

In this transformative workshop, the energy and insights gathered from the earlier experiences will serve as the fuel for your artistic expression. We will carefully select and cut images, words, and symbols that resonate with your vision for the future, in addition to any images you brought from home. 

3:30p - Short Break


3:45p  - Vision Board Workshop #3 - Assembling Your Vision Board: 

The atmosphere will be charged with inspiration as you arrange and collage, weaving together a visual narrative that captures the essence of your dreams. This hands-on process not only solidifies your intentions but also taps into the power of visualization, a potent tool for manifesting your desires. As you assemble your vision board, you are not merely creating a piece of art; you are shaping a tangible representation of the abundant possibilities that await you in the coming year and the years ahead.

4:30p - Integration, Sharing and Closing:

Gather once more for a facilitated discussion and sharing session.  After having delved into the transformative vision board process, you will integrate experiences and exchange insights gained throughout the day. We’ll conclude the day as we express gratitude for the collective journey, and you’ll receive tips and tools that when used, will empower you to carry the manifested visions and newfound clarity into the embrace of your future reality.

Sign me up! YES!  I'm ready to Create my Life by Design, Raise my Vibration, Manifest my Desires, Heal my Body and Step Into my Highest Version This New Year. 

We have TWO dates to choose from:

Saturday, January 13th, 2024 


Sunday January 14th, 2024

11:30am - 4:30pm

Event will be in SE Bend near Factory Outlets

Raise your vibration with a plant based cooking class and meal, along with a guided meditation and sound bath designed to open your creative channels, prepare you to create visions and define goals that bring balance, joy, purpose and fulfillment for your 2024 year.

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Presented by Teresa Marino & Jenni Alma Rose

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