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Elevate Your Body, Ignite Your Soul and Empower Your Mind

Join our 30 Day journey beginning February 12th, and learn how to build habits that will bring balance to your life.  Meditations, Affirmations, Mindset Coaching, Yoga and Fitness Training, Nutrition Training, Group Accountability and more will help you transform your story into your superpower and prepare you to step into your best self in 2023.  


30 Days of Habits

Enroll and Gain Access to This Plus More:
Begins February 12th

✅ NUTRITION: Receive weekly shopping list and recipes to create predominately plant based meals that are clean, natural, organic and delicious. 

✅ NUTRITION: Two 30-Minute On-Demand videos and one LIVE Nutrition / Cooking Class Each Week: Customizable for all dietary preferences, teaching you how to eat S.O.U.L (seasonable, organic, unprocessed, local) food to get maximum nutrition and hydration for your cells so that your body can heal itself and find homeostasis and your natural set weight.

✅ AFFIRMATIONS Receive a Private Life Coaching and Goal Setting Session w/ Jenni and co-create your "I AM" affirmations.

✅ MOVEMENT: 2 Energetic 30-Minute On - Demand and one LIVE Yoga and Fitness Workouts Each Week: suitable for all fitness levels, to get you functionally fit, boost your metabolism and help you build strong, mobile muscles. Follow along at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

✅ JOURNALING and MEDITATIONS: Weekly Journal Prompts and Meditations: to promote clarity, presence, inner connection,  productivity, and wisdom. 

✅ VISUALIZATION: 2 hr Goal Setting Session. Receive our on-demand workshop that will guide you through the creation of your 2023 roadmap.  

✅ SUPPORT: An exclusive group for support, camaraderie, and accountability.

Yoga by the Sea
Working from Home


Our community of positive influence will help bring strength, focus, joy, love and light to your life.  Utilize our mindset coaching and uplifting group to help support you with accountability on your journey. 

Making changes to your lifestyle and habits can be challenging. Having multiple levels of accountability will help ensure your success.

We're Here to Help You See Success! 

1-hr One-One Life Coaching Session w/ Jenni

1-hr One-One Nutrition Consultation w/ Teresa

30-40 min LIVE Weekly Workout

1-hr LIVE Weekly Nutrition Cooking Class

On Demand Movement Sessions

On Demand Nutrition Videos

Coaching Support

Group Support 

2-hr Goal Setting Workshop



Online Socializing


Customized Macros based on your wellness goals, easily modified meal plans and recipes to meet your dietary preferences. Weekly schedule, Weekly LIVE, Meal prep, recipes, and more!

Group Hug

Group and Individual mindset coaching.  From Jenni and Teresa.  Group Support and accountability is there when you need. A place to share and ask questions.

Online Zumba Lesson

30 day plan of 30-40 min fitness and yoga workouts on demand.  A workout schedule so you know what to do daily.  Weekly LIVE workout for additional energy and accountability




We believe so strongly that our Manifest Wellness program will be one of the best parts of your day, that we’ll take on the risk!


If for any reason you are not satisfied during the first 14-days of the program, just say the word and we’ll refund every penny.


So there is literally ZERO risk on your part to get started!  So what are you waiting for?


Sign me up! Get 30 Days of Mindset Coaching; Immune-Boosting and Vitality Giving Nutrition, and Energizing Movement, and Step Confidently Into Your Highest Version This New Year. Begins Sunday Feb. 12th

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