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MAY 7th-10th

The Pip Side and Vitality Journeys present 


  For over a year, Mindset in Trading retreats have been nourishing our trading community; helping pave the path to move you from amateur to professional Day Trader. Physical and mental well-being are of utmost importance to living a healthy, joyful, and prosperous life.  Mastery requires practice, and dedication.  Our retreats provide the setting and guidance you need in a beautiful and serene atmosphere, to sharpen your skills, strengthen your mind and body, dissolve limiting beliefs, and purify your heart. 


Enjoy 4 days and 3 nights at Sky Rock Inn in Sedona, Arizona - a city of mystique and intrigue.  Sedona has become a well-known haven for healing and wellness, due to the numerous energy vortexes that many believe encompass the region.  Receive face to face trading training while viewing Sedona's majestic red rocks.  Connect with Mother Nature's red-rock formations, rejuvenate, nourish and transform your soul, body and mind. Join us in Sedona; the perfect place for personal enrichment, inner-discovery, healing, and connection for your vitality journey. 

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Join us for dedicated, in-person trading sessions where you can learn advanced techniques, as well as trading and mindset strategies.  Receive one-on-one opportunities to have your trades reviewed, have an opportunity to learn by sharing, and leverage your skills.

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Begin your day with a grounding, gentle mindful movement flow! Sessions are designed for all levels and invite exploration, curiosity, to promote lengthening and balance. Enjoy the session with a guided meditation to help you connect to, calm, and clarify your mind, nervous system and body.  

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Janie: The Trade Helper.  She's a robot, coded by Jon Baker, and has been designed to help you improve your mindset in trading. Retreats provide an incredible opportunity for hands-on support.  Setting up and utilizing Janie can propel you forward and bring more time freedom in your lives and in the lives of your loved ones.

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Enjoy activities and healing modalities that may include an informational and energy inducing vortex hike, a transformational breathwork journey, a chakra- balancing, cell-detoxing sound bath, and a star gazing night with Sedona Starlight's scopes to view all nine planets, the milky way and more!

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Take time to improve the development of YOU. Engage in activities that consist of developing your human potential, enhance your quality of life, define your values, direct your desires, and realize your dreams and aspirations in our engaging and fun personal development workshops. 

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We'll tour Sedona's Uptown, an artists' community that has dozens of galleries, boutique shops, rare Native American crafts and jewelry, crystals and unique keepsakes.  Visits with views & southwestern gastronomy with a flair will delight the pallet, awaken the senses, and nourish the body.  



Day 1
May 7th

  • 4:00pm Arrival Check-in and Settle-in

  • Set Your Intention with a Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony during our Welcome Circle

  • Learn From a Local Guide About the Vortexes and the Science Behind their Energy. 

  • Enjoy a Nourishing and Delicious Dinner while Viewing the Red Rocks from our Terrace

  • Unwind Your Nervous System with Restorative Yin Yoga and Chakra Balance Session

Day 2
May 8th

  • Mindful Meditations and Movement followed by a Breakfast Buffet

  • Receive Exceptional Trading Training with a View of the Red Rocks

  • Lunch on Top of High Mesa Overlooking the Red Rocks at Airport Mesa Grill

  • Experience an Electromagnetic Vortex with a 360-degree View on the Airport Mesa Hike

  • Go Deep and Heal with Transformational Breathwork

  • Relax by the Pool, Sauna and Enjoy Free Time Followed by Dinner on the Terrace

  • Stargaze the Milky Way, Planets and more with Scopes from Sedona by Starlight 

Day 3
May 9th

  • Mindful Meditations and Movement followed by a Breakfast Buffet

  • Receive Exceptional Trading Training with a View of the Red Rocks

  • Explore Unique Shops in Sedona's Uptown and Enjoy Local Gastronomy for Lunch

  • Fine Tune Trading Skills in our Afternoon Session 

  • Relax by the Pool, Sauna and Enjoy Free Time Followed by Dinner on the Terrace

  • Increase the Flow of Energy and Celebrate Beginnings with a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

  • Release Old Blocks and Plant New Seeds of Desire with a Fireside Ceremony.

Day 4
WednesdayMay 10th

  • Mindful Meditations and Movement followed by a Breakfast Buffet

  • Receive Exceptional Trading Training with a View of the Red Rocks

  • Enjoy Lunch on the Terrace

  • Prepare for Departures or Choose to Extend Your Stay

  • Optional Hike to Stupa Peace Park or Cathedral Rock


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1 person total


The Standard Mid-Level King. Newly-renovated rooms echo the Sedona mountain-scape, Subtle influences from neighboring Native American tribes – like hand-painted dreamcatchers gracing the walls of every room – give a nod to indigenous community



2 ppl total


The Standard King/Queen rooms are spacious, comfortable, relaxing and intimately nestled into the landscape at Sky Rock, allowing you to embrace your scenic surroundings. Walk out to spectacular shared communal terraces with striking views.


What’s included

  • 3 Nights Accommodation at Sky Rock Inn. All rooms have a private bathroom. 

  • Welcome Gift

  • Fresh food prepared by local restaurants with a southwestern cuisine. 

  • Trading Training with 7-figure Trader Teresa Guthrie and Team.

  • Informational Sessions with Jon Baker the creator of Janie: The Trade Helper.

  • Personal Development workshops with Special Guests from the Trading Community. 

  • Mindful movement and Meditation Sessions with Holistic Health Coach Jenni Rose.

  • Outdoor swimming pool and hot tub.

  • Stargazing, Vortex Presentation, Shuttles to Uptown, Breathwork Session, Sound Healing Journey.

  • Excursion to Uptown Sedona and Lunch at a Local Restaurant. 

  • Family-style meals, and community engagement to forge lifelong relationships!

What’s NOT included

  • Flights or Transportation to Phoenix or Flagstaff Airport. Travel to Sedona from the airport is the participant's responsibility.

  • Airport Transfers to Sky Inn are NOT included.

  • Additional amenities available such as Massage, Facials, additional activities. 

  • Alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, or additional food or snacks outside of the included meals.  

  • Gratuities for the resort staff and housekeeping.

  • Rental Car if you choose.  


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Leah Stark

These retreats have been so transformative for me.

For both my trading knowledge and experience, as well as my personal growth because I have forged amazing relationships in this community.

We are all coming together as goal-oriented humans with a desire to see each other grow.


Rob Regner

I attended the last one.  It was a mindset game-changing experience for me. I wish I would have attended the first one knowing what I know now!  Highly recommend.


Heather Collard

In Mexico, I danced for the first time in 8 years. I had so much fun. I remember saying, “I haven’t danced like this since I drank.” I felt so free and whole. I love dancing and forgot how much I miss it!

And my beautiful friend said to me, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smile so big on your face.”

I went to Mexico to study a day trading strategy that is changing my life. Being able to read the charts and understand is powerful - I got exactly what I came for in that regard but I left with the unexpected - more healing in my heart than I ever anticipated; yoga, sweat lodge, chakra balancing, walks, talks, great food, and amazing animals.

Thank you, Jenni Rose and Teresa Guthrie, and every single new friend I made. Cannot wait for our next retreat.


Catch You on the Pip Side! 

4 Days / 3 nights in Sedona, AZ USA

$1837 USD per person King Bed (Single Room)


$1437 USD per person 2 Queens or King Bed

(2 ppl/room) 

$1187 USD per person Full Day Pass w/out lodging

Please Select Room Type
Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.57.56 PM.png

*Note: ​ We will help pair you in a double room if you are attending the retreat solo. 

Thank You, We will be in touch with you soon.​

Mindset in Trading Scholarship Fund

While we strive to offer these retreats at a nominal price, we understand that they may not fit into the budget of some. If you would like to contribute to our Mindset in Trading Retreat Scholarship Fund to assist like minded traders, who may not have available funds, and also look to enhance their mindset and trading skills, attend these valuable retreats, please contribute via the payment method below. 

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